Spring Pats Prep - ALL DAYS

Pats Prep is our recreational program and league that runs from March until May. Included in registration is a uniform kit, 1-2 practices a week as well as an 8 game season. Practices are Monday-Thursday at 3pm or at 4pm. Please pick come to the 1 or 2 each week that work best for your player. Players all practice at the same time but are broken up into groups by age and gender. We will have a gear pick up day before the season starts. We will email specific dates as we get closer to the start of the season. All practices and games will be held at CYC (3000 5th Ave, NB). Thank you for registering. Please email Molly at mwarmsley@pateadores.org if you have any further questions!

3000 5th Ave Newport Beach